The Immediate Deployment Rescue Rope System

by Tabb Rescue Equipment

The IDRRS is designed to launch a floating rope up to 285 feet over ice or water in an emergency rescue situation. With a tensile strength of 1600 pounds, the light-weight IDRRS allows professionals in all areas of emergency management to provide immediate rescue services with unmatched speed and accuracy. Quick to deploy and easy to operate, rescue service professionals across the industry greatly enhance their life-saving capabilities with the IDRRS at their side.

Specifically designed for use by law enforcement and emergency rescue professionals only.

Watch the IDRRS in action!

Designed with speed and efficiency in mind, three re-usable deployment ropes can be delivered in less than a minute.


The custom-made hard case contains everything you need to deploy the system including the specialized deployment shotgun, the deployment rope, three replaceable projectiles and tether lines, a box of customized shotgun blanks, and a set of cleaning tools.